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Cookies policy

According to EU law we must inform you, that we use cookies, which may include some third party cookies too, in order to deliver the content and services on our website http://technologies.club

If you want to use our website or any services, related to it, you must agree to our use of cookies. If you decide not to agree and opt-out, you need to stop using our website, any services related to it and delete all cookies, set by our website and stored in your browser or device [please, refer to your browser or device documentation].

Cookies we use or may use includes, but is not limited to, some or all of the following:

  1. Cookies, that identify you as a registered user or non-registered visitor
  2. Cookies, that save your own preferences and settings
  3. Cookies, that save information automatically for purposes of identifying your previous and current use of our website and services
  4. Cookies, that improve your user/visitor experience
  5. Cookies, that help us deliver and improve our services
  6. Statistical cookies
  7. Google Analytics cookies [universal version] – please, refer to Google Analytics website and Google Analytics cookies policy and terms of condition [terms of service] for more information
  8. Cookies, that we use alone or together with our partners in order to suggest products, that we believe you may be interested in
  9. Security cookies, that we use both to protect our website and services and also to protect your security
  10. Other cookies

More information about cookies – www.whatarecookies.com.
More information about EU Law and Cookies.
See also Directive on Privacy and Electronic Communications.
See also Google Universal Analytics Web Tracking.

BY USING OUR WEBSITE AND/OR ANY RELATED SERVICES YOU AGREE TO OUR USE OF COOKIES. You need to click on the Agree button or leave our website and delete all cookies, stored by your browser or device.

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Last update: Sep 24, 2015.
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